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Top Scope has been a distributor and certified installer for Latchways system since 1990s in Malaysia.

Latchways Fall Protection System consists of Horizontal Lifelines, Vertical Lifelines and Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE) such as SRLs, PRDs, Body Harness and Lanyards.

Horizontal Lifelines can be designed as fall restraint or fall arrest system. The Latchways components
can be fix to RC, steel structures or metal deck roof. The system is versatile to suite any site layout.
TopScope has installed Latchways systems at oil rig, glass canopies, ETFE canopies, roof with metal
deck standing seam and KlipLok profiles, high-rise building and industrial facilities.

Vertical lifelines are installed at ladders, electrical and telecommunication towers. We can also
fabricate custom ladders to suite building access requirements.

Our PPE consists of a wide range of products ranging from full-body harness, energy absorbing
lanyards, Self-Retracting Lanyards (SRL) and Personal Rescue Device (PRD).